Afterschool Management

Origent Technologies's cost-effective, scalable and centralized afterschool management software solution is hosted entirely online and has served grant-funded afterschool programs since 2002.

We help clients improve their afterschool program management with our software -


Ad-hoc decentralized processes

Obsolete, confusing technology

Difficult to meet Federal standards


Streamlined, centralized processes

Intuitive, user-friendly products using the latest Microsoft technology

In-built options to meet State & Federal guidelines

Long-Term Client Relations

3000+ schools and organizations utilize Origent Technologies's products.

22+ years experience of building strong client relationships.

Clients of 18+ years continue to trust us with their software requirements.

9 State DOEs use our products to smooth-track operations.

A dedicated customer portal to address any client issue.

Compliant with Federal Requirements

Meets all 21st CCLC requirements.

Manage all state and local grants in a single system.

Run APR data checks to review missing or inconsistent data.

Generate accurate Federal 21APR (including GPR) reports.

Automated data upload to the new federal 21APR System.

Integrated Data Tracking Tools

Leverage real-time data dashboards to make informed decisions.

Analyze a high-level summary of all collected data.

Track data on programs, students, activities, attendance etc.

Internal data audits to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Generate reports with aggregated data.

Customizable Survey Module

Design responsive surveys for different stakeholders.

Send surveys via email.

Complete surveys (for teachers, parents, students) online.

Render parent and student surveys in Spanish.

Generate survey reports and data files in different formats.

Granular User Access Control

Hierarchical user database access for resources.

Maximum flexibility for users and tighter security control.

Manage user authentication with ASP.Net Identity Framework.

Set up roles with different access rights for modules / screens.

Prevent unwanted access and data modifications.