Cloud-Based SaaS Solutions

Enhance productivity & streamline operations with our power-packed web-based tools

Frontrunners in Providing Online SaaS Solutions

Origent Technologies are pioneers in providing cloud-based software solutions, driving digital transformation since its inception. We have long-term clients across the United States of America using our 100% web-based SaaS products.

Origent Technologies's innovative solutions offer powerful, intuitive data management, tracking, and reporting tools to securely and successfully streamline business operations. Our highly acclaimed automation tools help clients spend less time manually processing data and more time focusing on business goals.

Cloud-based and customizable solutions. Highly scalable, secure SaaS offerings.

20+ years of COTS software service!
Origent Technologies was established in 1998.

Growing customer base.
5000+ clients across the USA.

Solution-oriented online SaaS products. Designed in collaboration with industry experts.

Highly skilled, experienced workforce.
18+ years of SaaS technical support.

Customer-first approach.
Web-based customer support service.

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